Poll’N cap

Designed to protect allergic patients of pollens deposited on pillows by hair, Poll’n Cap® is a filtering charlotte which decreases contact with pollen allergens during the night.

These pollens are responsible for allergic symptoms such as rhinitis, conjunctivitis, itchy skin, that occurs for sensitive individuals, from February to October.

Produced in Texaal® 100% cotton, a high density weaved textile and equipped with an elastic, Poll’n Cap® is comfortable, breathing and silent. Its use will avoid the need for allergic people to rinse their hair every evening, before going to bed.

The filtration level of Poll’n Cap® was tested after 100 wash/dry cycles before the charlotte was commercialized.

Poll’n Cap® is available in various sizes, from child to adult. Do not hesitate to measure your head circumference with a measuring tape.

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