Pollen allergy

Freed by plants in the atmosphere to enable fertilization, pollens cause numerous allergic reactions for humans of any age. More frequent during certain times of the year, the pollen allergy called pollinosis, is present in particular in spring and autumn.

Direct contact with the pollen or even a simple inspiration will cause the liberation of histamine by the allergic person, leading to numerous symptoms. Sneezes, itching, tears, stuffed or runny nose are telling signs. The pollen allergy may take the form of an allergic rhinitis or an allergic conjunctivitis.

Fatigue is an often overlooked effect. At night, pollens remaining on hair settle on the pillow and cause allergy symptoms, preventing the patient from sleeping correctly.

To eliminate these pollen residues before bedtime it’s important to rinse hair in the evening.

For more practicality, ProtecSom® created for the allergic people, Poll’n Cap®, night-charlottes, confining hair and preventing the deposition of pollen on pillows. The allergic patient is then protected and allergen exposure is decreased.