Travel Set

Dust mites are present all year round, even during allergic people’s holidays. In seaside or mountains, in summer or winter, allergens located in mattresses keep provoking allergies on patients sensitive to dust mites. Holiday home, cottages, hotels or even camping, no place is spared.

However, it is impossible for allergic patients to bring their home anti-dust mite set, when they have one, wherever they go. Unknown mattresses size, difficulty of the installation and sometimes lack of time, are incompatible with good protection against mites for the allergic people during their travels.

To mitigate this protection problem, ProtecSom® developed for its patients suffering from an allergy to dust mites, an anti-dust mite TravelSet®, a set of covers, designed for travelling. More effective than an anti-dust mite sleeping bag, these covers conceived for travel completely envelop mattresses, duvets and pillows, allowing the allergic person to bring on his travel the same level of protection that he has at home.

Available as sets for one or two people, the proposed standard sizes suit all beddings. The mattress side, smooth and slippery made from Texaal® Polyester will ease the installation and the patient side, “breathing” made from Evolon® will guarantee sleeping comfort.

Sold with an impermeable storage bag, TravelSet® remain free of dust mites when not in use and ensures the same filtration efficiency for their next use.