Texaal® 100% cotton : An absolute and sustainable protection against dust mites without compromise on your sleeping comfort.

Texaal® Cotton, ProtecSom®’s anti-dust mites cover, invest!

  • Invest for the long term (Lifetime warranty)

Texaal® covers are the only covers to have objectively demonstrated the same filtration capacity after more than 100 wash cycles. They are guaranteed for life!

  • Invest in efficiency

The most recent studies realized with Texaal® Cotton place ProtecSom® covers at the top of the ladder of efficiency. ProtecSom® is the only laboratory to have made realize real clinical trials proving the efficiency of covers anti-dust mite and to have obtained the publication from it by international selection panels.

  • Invest in your comfort

In 100% cotton, Texaal® Cotton covers bring no modification to your sleeping comfort.
Texaal® Cotton cover is two to four times more “breathable” (steam resistance of 3,1 m². Pa/W only) when compared to covers made with polyester fibers or coated covers.

Texaal® Cotton is a fabric composed of weaved cotton microfibers. It maintains the nature, touch, lightness and solidity of a sheet of classic cotton. Its exclusive weaving process, under patent deposited by ProtecSom®, forms an impenetrable barrier for dust mites allergens.

The natural comfort of the 100% cotton, without compromise : 

The absence of coating eliminates definitively any plastic noise and any rubber sensation. ProtecSom®’s cover in Texaal® Cotton breathes as a “classic” sheet letting air, humidity and perspiration in winter as in summer pass through. They are ideal covers for mattresses, duvets and pillows. They are as thin as a good quality cotton sheet and offer a perfect thermal neutrality. They are guaranteed free of harmful substances by SGS, an international independent universally recognized agency..

An unprecedented longevity: effective after more than 100 washes : 

Studies performed by IBT, a specialized laboratory, demonstrated that Texaal® covers keep their efficiency after 100 wash and dry cycles. It is the guarantee of maximal protection for many years.

The safety in the total absence of coating and anti-dust mites chemical treatment : 

The mechanical efficiency of ProtecSom®’s 100% cotton covers prevents the use of chemical acaricide treatments, unsustainable and an ineffective protection against dust mites allergens.


Texaal® high-density weaving, a cutting edge technology : 

A weaving of 100% cotton fibres compressed beforehand by a unique process allows the filtration of the smallest particles of dust mites’ allergens as well as allergens particles from cats, pollens … Texaal® is the only weaved textile made with natural fibres to reach this performance level.

Microphotographs below enlarged 100 times, allow to visualize the obtained result.

  • Placebo Coton Tissage Texaal Coton - ProtecSom
    Magnifying x 100
    Classic cotton Texaal® 100% cotton

The most demanding laboratory tests and FDA approval in the United States : 

Tests performed by independent laboratories from IBT (Lenexa, Kansas, the USA) and PMI (Ithaca, NY, the USA) allowed the approval of these covers by the FDA, the organism in charge of drug registration in the USA.

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