Warranty and service

Producer of dust mite proof covers, ProtecSom repairs your cover in a few days.

1° You have a ProtecSom cover:

  • In all cases, the repair is free of charge
  • if the problem is due to a fault, which is under warranty, the shipping costs are also free
  • in other cases (negligent use) 6,95€ will be required for the shipment
  • If we are unable to repair your cover and if the fault is covered by the guarantee, we will replace your cover.
  • If we are unable to repair your cover and the fault is not covered by the guarantee, a discount of 30% is offered on the replacement of the cover

2° Your cover is a different brand:

  • Our package deal for the repairs includes :
    • a visual check of your cover
    • a more detailed check if necessary
    • the repair of your cover
    • shipping costs for the return of your cover
  • If we are unable to repair your cover, we will contact you to explain the reason why, to return it or to replace it. A discount of 10% is offered on replacement of the cover
  • The package deal is around 28€ for a cover. If you send several covers for repair, the package deal is 13€ per additional cover, after the first one.