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Characteristics of a medical quality anti-dust mite cover in seven points :

How it works?

The aim is to avoid dust mite allergens being in contact with the allergic sleeper. The cover has to completely enclose the mattress, pillows and duvets in order to offer maximum possible protection against dust mites, without disrupting your sleep.

1.The cover has to completely enclose the mattress :

ProtecSom only produces covers that completely enclose the mattress and close thanks to a zip fastener and a large dust mite proof flap.

2.The textile used has to offer an effective barrier :

between you and the dust mite allergens. Tests have to be carried out to prove that the textile prevents the spread of dust mites.

This check is necessary when the mattress is new and also throughout its life…

The Texaal® covers are the only ones on the market which have proved their efficiency after more than 100 washes and the Noxaalon® covers after 50 washes.

3.Avoid covers which are quilted or made from towelling :
  • Fleece
  • Quilted
  • Doubled
  • In a sponge fabric

The thicker the textile used, the more it may harbour dust mites.

4.Zip fasteners are often the weakness of a dust mite proof cover 

Choose a cover with the shortest possible closures, which are provided with a large dust mite proof flap of material under the zip fastener..

ProtecSom covers have high-quality closures (Eclair Prym) protected by a large dust mite proof flap.

5. Beware chemical « treatments against mites » : 

A cover which is « treated » against dust mites often hides a cover made from an ordinary textile, which is only treated with an insecticide.

Such a cover does not filter all the allergens. It is consequently not totally efficient.

ProtecSom covers are not chemically treated; they work by filtering.

6. Covers have to be easy-to-care for and allow several washes up to 60°C…

… in washing machines and, fast, total drying in a tumble dryer.

For duvet covers and pillow cases, will washing every six months be enough for you? Choose a textile which can handle several washes!

7. For your comfort and the health of your bedding, the textile has to be « breathable » : 

(air proof and water vapour proof). Coated textiles are not breathable enough…

The textile of your cover has to be as light and rustle-free as possible.

The ProtecSom covers use textiles which are particularly comfortable such as Texaal® Cotton or Noxaalon®.

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