What precautionary measures to take besides the use of an anti-dust mite cover ?

  • 10 November 2016

Anti-dust mite covers are part of a set of measures taken to fight dust mites allergy. Their use alone is not sufficient and must be supplemented by the implementation of additional evictions measures:

  • Air the room every day for at least 15 minutes;
  • Maintain the temperature of the room at 19°C maximum;
  • Maintain humidity level between 40 % and 50 % (use a hygrometer) and avoid plants in the room;
  • Avoid dust traps: trinkets, stuffed animals, rugs, carpets …;
  • Regularly vacuum carpets and curtains, get rid of them if you can;
  • Avoid the presence of pets in the room;
  • If possible, replace heavy wall hangings by fine and washable textiles and carpets by a washable ground;
  • Prefer a slatted bed (metallic or wooden) to a boxspring bed;

Regularly wash your bedding elements.

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