ProtecSom’s choice : Texaal® and Noxaalon®

  • 10 November 2016

The laboratoire ProtecSom® is the only manufacturer of anti-dust mites covers proposing a large choice of range (Texaal® CotonTexaal® PolyesterNoxaalon® en Evolon®Noxaalon® Bamboo). You can then choose your protection according to your use and your budget, with the assurance of an absolute filtration efficacy, whatever the range.

Protec’Som’s anti-dust mites covers are not chemically treated, nor laminated, for optimum comfort and efficacy.

  • Do your different range have the same efficacy ?

A study from 2013 showed that ProtecSom®’s anti-dust mites covers form a impenetrable barrier for allergens. Each range of ProtecSom®’s covers benefit from this absolute filtration efficiency. The only differences between ProtecSom®’s covers range are the textiles used and therefore their comfort and durability.

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