How to install my anti-dust mite cover?

  • 10 November 2016
  1. Before installing your cover, we recommend you machine wash it once.
  2. Don’t forget to thoroughly ventilate the room before, during and after the installation. You can also use a mask of filtration FFP2 during the installation.
  3. Strip bare your mattress, duvet, and pillow.
  4. Shake vigorously your pillow and duvet outside. We recommend to wash them at 60°C or to put them into the freezer for 24 hours to get rid of dust mites. Do not forget to vacuum them out after putting them into the freezer, to eliminate all dust mites’ wastes.
  5. Vacuum your mattress carefully.
  6. Enclose each element in its encasing then properly stagger the flap under the zip and zip it up.
  7. Put your usual sheets on top of ProtecSom’s covers.

We deliberately chose to reduce the openings to a strict minimum (zip on one side carrying over 25 cms on 2 other sides for the mattress’s covers), because openings are a potential source of allergens leakage. The fewer openings there are, the more efficient your cover is. Get help to put your mattress in the encasing, it will be easier. You will find included in your parcel a user manual, containing installation tips. We are also at your disposal by telephone in (France) or in 33 (0) (other countries) for any questions you may have.

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