Durable efficacy and comfort

  • 10 November 2016
  • Are your covers chemically treated ?
  • ProtecSom®’s anti-dust mites covers are not treated with chemicals, acaricide or not. Indeed, the use of an acaricide do not directly and immediately fight against dust mites allergy.  There are two reasons to this observation :
    • the treatment fades with each wash and is therefore not durable.
    • You are not directly allergic to dust mites, but rather their corpses and dejections. Killing dust mites do not prevent allergens from provoking allergic reactions by entering your respiratory tract.
  • Are your covers laminated ?
  • Protec’Som was the first laboratory to develop and market in France and Belgium non-laminated anti-dust mites covers. None of the range we offer is coated with polyurethane (laminated) for comfort. Laminated covers are noisy and increase the sleeping patient perspiration because of their high vapor resistance value (see below).
  • What are vapor resistance values ?
  • The measure of the vapor resistance correspond to the measure of the barrier to water vapor, and therefore to sweat evaporation. The higher the value, the bigger the barrier. A product with good breathability has a low vapor resistance value that should not exceed 5m².Pa/W.Values for ProtecSom’s anti-dust mites covers are :
    • Texaal® Coton : 3.1 m². Pa/W
    • Texaal® Polyester : 7.8 m². Pa/W
    • Noxaalon® en Evolon® : 2.4 m². Pa/W
    • Noxaalon® Bamboo : 2.2 m². Pa/W

  • What are the main differences between the ranges of anti-dust mites covers ?
  • ProtecSom®’s anti-dust mites covers have equal and complete allergen filtration efficacy. They are manufactured with different textiles affecting the covers’ lifetime and comfort.A table summarizes the major differences between our covers ranges, can be found in the  « Ranges comparison » section of our eboutique.

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